In 2008, Network Materials & Resources Inc. (NMR) received a provisional certificate of approval  for a waste disposal site (processing) under the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE), Number 1993-79UM42. The facility processes inorganic solid and liquid wastes containing minerals and metals. Subsequently NMR was listed on the Ministry of Environment’s HWIN list of Recyclers making NMR clients exempt from MOE tonnage fees for materials we can Recycle (handling code 07). NMR recycles a variety of metal bearing and inorganic materials for recovery of components and use/reuse as products.

NMR currently handles in excess of 5,000 Tonnes of material per year; roughly 2,000 Tonnes of that total are sent for use/reuse or recycle.

NMR finds homes for chemicals that are unused and/or still useful such as; Sulphuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide and Phosphoric Acid to name a few.

NMR recycles metal bearing materials including but not limited to; Gold, Silver, Nickel, Chrome, Copper, Lead, Palladium, Platinum, Tantalum, Tungsten, Cobalt, Yttrium, Europium and Tin. These materials can be evaluated in solution as well as in various solid forms including mixed metal hydroxides.

NMR also recycles universal wastes such as; fluorescent lamps and batteries. We recycle all types of batteries including; Lithium, Lithium-Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lead Acid, Nickel-Cadmium (dry and wet cell) and Alkalines as well as all other chemistries.

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